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Roof inspections are like an oil change for your car. While there is hopefully nothing major wrong, oil changes are essential to keeping your car in good shape and running smoothly. Just like an oil change, don’t neglect your roof inspection. If you wait too long, repairs could be costly and you’ll have regrets.

Home repairs are important and can turn into bigger problems when being put off. So how do you know when to schedule an inspection? We've developed a helpful guide to show you what you need to know for roofing inspections.

The Purpose of Roof Inspections

A roof inspection is the best way to ensure your home's roof and exterior are healthy and free of damage. Periodic roof inspections are recommended for all homeowners, and they are essential for homeowners who suspect they have roof damage. Much like an annual check-up at the doctor, a roof inspection is the best way to ensure your home's roof stays healthy. Sometimes your circumstances may require more frequent roof inspections, and the only way to know is by scheduling the first appointment.

If your roof needs repairs, we will use our inspection to provide you with a highly accurate assessment for the cost of repairs. If your roof is in good health, we will store your inspection data to schedule next year’s check-up. When the next scheduled inspection comes around, we will have your info and data about your roof saved. This information allows us to track your roof's condition.

Our Property Evaluations and How They’re Different

The well-being of your roof alone doesn’t determine the health of your home. To keep the framing of your home in good condition, the exterior of your home needs examined and tracked. Avoid expensive replacement costs by being proactive and addressing minor issues like broken or damaged shingles instead of replacing an entire roof.

At EZ Roofing, we take roof inspections to the next level. We do physical evaluations of all exterior home features, including soffit, fascia, gutters, windows and siding. That’s why we commonly refer to roof inspections as property evaluations. Our team’s property evaluation accurately determines your property’s condition and acts as a guide for keeping your home in top shape.

Some roofing contractors charge between $75-$200 depending on your location, the size of your roof and the type of roofing materials, but at EZ Roofing all roof inspections are free.

When Exactly Should You Get a Roof Inspection? Learn the 5 Signs

1) Get An Annual Check-Up of Your Home’s Roof & Exterior

Many homeowners ask how often you should get your roof checked. We recommend you get your roof and the exterior of your property inspected annually at a minimum. Scheduling an annual roof inspection is imperative to ensure your roof is in good health. You should have a professional inspection every year, and check more often depending on your roof's age or if you notice damage or have a big storm.

The yearly evaluation allows you as a homeowner to understand the condition of your roof at that point in time. You may find out you need a roof replacement, a handful of repairs, or you may learn that in the next few years you’ll need repairs. The annual roof inspection allows you to better prepare for the future and respond more quickly to damages if there are any and


If you don't remember the last time you had a roof inspection, do so right away. With most local roofing contractors there’s no big hassle or cost to get an inspection. While the annual inspection is a minimum, there are often other situations that will warrant more frequent roof inspections.

2) If You’ve Never Had an Inspection of Your Current Home

If you’re wondering if you should get a roof inspection, it's probably a good idea to follow your gut. If you've been in your home longer than one year and you’ve never had a roof inspection, it’s time. Moving into a previously owned home can be fun and exciting, but it can also lead to discoveries of DIY and home maintenance gone wrong. Similarly, if you've lived in the same home for a while but can't remember the last time a professional roofing contractor looked at your roof, it's time to schedule a roof inspection. Annual roof inspections are recommended, and you may need more frequent inspections if you experience frequent severe weather events. 

Don’t take something as important as your roof which protects your home lightly. A patch job might appear to have solved a problem but could still result in roof leaks or rotting. With a roof inspection, you can give yourself peace of mind with the assurance that your roof is in good condition to protect your family.

3) When You’re Buying or Selling a Home

Before selling your home, get a full-fledged roof inspection. The inspection may uncover necessary repairs like shingle replacement or gutter replacement. A new roof definitely increases a home's value. On average, homeowners can expect to recover at least 60% of the roof's cost in added home value. In some cases, a new roof can increase a home's value enough to recover the entire cost of the roof. These fixes can make your house more marketable, provide confidence to buyers and reduce room for negotiations. Or, the inspection may confirm that your roof is in good condition. Despite what many sellers may say about their roof, having the inspection and photos to substantiate your claim is another major selling point for buyers.


On the flip side, buyers should get a property inspection after moving in if the seller didn’t provide thorough documentation of roof condition. Often, home warranties will cover repairs to your home’s exterior within the first year which is all the more reason to get your roof inspection done as soon as possible.


4) When You’ve Had a Big Storm

If your area has experienced hail or extreme winds you likely need a roof inspection. Even small hail and can lead to damage which causes tears in materials and exposure to the elements, all of which cause premature aging on your roof, meaning you might need a new roof soon. Even if you don't notice visible exterior damage, there may be loose shingles, missing granules or leaks that could damage your home’s interior.

Your homeowner's insurance may help cover your damages, so it is essential to get a roof inspection as soon as you can. A roof inspection will provide expertise and information you can use as proof of damage when you file your insurance claim.

5) If You Notice Damage

Don't wait to do something if you notice roof damage. A missing shingle or dented siding is cause for alarm because it likely means a more severe problem exists. Whether the damage is because of extreme weather or wear and tear over time, act before the interior of your home also experiences severe damage. Call a professional roofing contractor for an inspection. We never recommend going on your roof, but any information you can provide before the inspection will assist your contractor in knowing where to focus their attention.

Next Steps After a Roof Inspection

So you've had a home inspection. Now what? A reputable roofing contractor will help you understand how to proceed after the inspection. Next steps may include immediate repairs to get your roof back in good shape, an insurance claim, or you might only need to have a check-up scheduled for next year. Scheduling a roof inspection shouldn’t be scary; Trustworthy roofing contractors will only recommend roof repairs or replacements if you need them.

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