The King Residence

Sandy, UT

Mr. King had already been approved for a full roof replacement by his insurance and received a couple matching estimates from other local companies previous to encountering EZ Roofing. 


This clients business was won after one of our sales reps knocked on their door. We presented to him a detailed estimate, which concluded that we were offering the best materials and quality. In addition to offering the best roof install, we are a full General Contracting company, therefore we were able to manage the solar panels being detached and reset which lessened the headache for this particular homeowner.

Ten days later, the King's solar panels were schedule to be taken off and the roof was installed in a single day. Mr. King left us a stellar review about his experience!


Upgrades to this roof:

-Premium ridge cap

-Two rows of ice & water on all eaves, in valleys, and sealing in all roof penetrations.

-Additional roof ventilation 

-Synthetic Felt

-Starter Strip on the rakes 

-Six nails per shingle

A full roof and the above upgrades only cost this  homeowner their $1,000 deductible. This roof will surely last for decades to come.. with our six nail shingle installation, workmanship warranty, and lifetime material warranty, this homeowner has nothing to worry about!