Ridge Cap Shingles? You Have Some Options.


When it comes to installing a new roof on your home, many homeowners aren't aware that they have more option than shingle style and color, there is the ridge cap too. Depending on which ridge cap you choose, it can have a dramatic effect as it essentially is the framing that brings together the overall appearance of your shingles.

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A high-quality, cost effective ridge cap that helps protect against leaks at the hips and ridges, and complements the look of your GAF shingles.

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Z Ridge®

A distinctive ridge cap shingle with a unique Z-fold design that provides the look of thick wood shakes for the perfect finishing touch.

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A premium, double-layer ridge cap shingle with large 8” (203 mm) exposure that helps provide a dramatic look to your finished roof.

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SBS-modified 8" (203 mm) & 10" (254 mm) width ridge cap shingles with thick leading edge for a dramatic look.

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High-profile design, with rounded leading edge, frames the look of your new shingle roof.

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Seal‑A‑Ridge® ArmorShield™

An SBS Modified Ridge Cap Shingle that helps protect against leaks at the hips and ridges and complements the look of your GAF Shingles while helping to protect against extreme weather conditions.

Like a certain style? Ask your Project Manager if it is available in the color that you like.

Overall, there are not too many differences between ridge caps. It mostly comes down to style, and little wind rating differences due to thickness. There are definitely price differences between all of the ridge caps above, though. If you have any questions, or would like more information about ridge caps; don't hesitate to call us or schedule a free inspection.

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