3 Most Common Types of Roof Damage in Utah

Roof damage can compromise the integrity of your home’s structure and, let’s face it, be a huge pain to fix.

Keep reading to learn more about the most common kinds of damage your roof can sustain in Utah and how you can keep your roof in good condition.

Wind Damage

The wind in Northern Utah can get pretty severe and wreaks havoc on your roof. If your shingles were not correctly installed, the wind could tear them off, leaving your roof exposed. The best way to prevent this is to have your roof properly installed by a reputable roofing company the first time. If it’s already too late and your roof has sustained wind damage, be sure to contact a reputable, local company to help you decide whether to repair shingles or replace your entire roof.

Water Damage

Rain and the repeated melting and freezing of wintertime ice are not kind to your roof. Over time, water can get trapped under your shingles, causing mold and rot to form. This is dangerous for your roof and the support beams underneath, which could become weak. If you spot a leak in your roof, don’t just put a bucket underneath it; get expert help ASAP, so it doesn’t get worse and cause extensive damage to your home.

Weak Flashing

Flashing is the thin pieces of metal installed underneath your shingles to prevent water from seeping into your roof. When your flashing has become cracked, was not installed correctly, or if the tar sealant has corroded, it will not be water-resistant, which can lead to leaks. As previously stated, leaks in your roof can cause mold growth, and even rot.

Roof Damage Prevention

Now that we’ve discussed the most common types of roof damage, let’s go over the best ways to keep your roof in good condition:

  • Keep your roof clean of any debris.

  • Replace broken, cracked, or missing shingles as they occur.

  • Maintain your gutters by cleaning and servicing them regularly so that water won’t accumulate on your roof.

  • Prune your trees regularly and remove any damaged branches so they won’t land on your roof.

  • Have your roof inspected at least twice yearly by a trusted professional.

  • Remove excessive snow with a rake to prevent ice dams from accumulating.

Overall, the best way to prevent damage to your roof is to have it constructed and repaired by an experienced, licensed, and trusted professional. The right roofing company will have the know-how to roof your home so you can get the most life out of your roof possible.

Do You Have Roof Damage? Call EZ Roofing

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