The Salkordeh Residence

Sandy, UT

Sent to us as a referral after completing a family friends roof, we sent our inspector to take a look at the Salkordeh's roof. Our inspection revealed that there were multiple missing shingles, and that the shingles on the roof were discontinued, which means they are no longer being made anymore.

We helped the homeowner file a claim and met with their adjuster. Weeks later, the adjuster report came back as a small repair. The problem was that this wasn't possible, there were no shingles on the market that could match in size or color.


We documented a repair attempt and submitted other technical documentation to their insurance. We remained persistent until we were able to get the Salkordeh's roof approved for a full roof replacement. Not only did we help them get a full roof, they received multiple upgrades.

Upgrades to this roof:

-Premium ridge cap

-Two rows of ice & water on all eaves, in valleys, and sealing in all roof penetrations.

-Synthetic Felt

-Ridge ventilation system

-Starter Strip on the rakes 

-Properly installed & additional heat cable.

A full roof and the above upgrades only cost this  homeowner their $1,000 deductible, plus a small out of pocket expense for additional heat cable to be installed. Wind will not be a problem for the Salkordeh's anymore, and with our six nail shingle installation, workmanship warranty, and lifetime material warranty, this homeowner has nothing to worry about!