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When days count and the clock is ticking, you can count on us. Whether one of our realtors have given us advance notice or are stuck in a pinch, needing a repair days before the deal is about to close, they can always count on us. In recent years we have been expanding our realtor repair service and have become one of the most reliable and high quality repair services in the Salt Lake City and surrounding areas!


We'll get straight to the point: If you need roofer that'll show up and follow through with what they say in a matter of days, whether it be roof patches or ventilation installation, we are the reputable roofing company you are looking for.

If it can be repaired, we can do it. If you're not in need of a patch, we can estimate for a full roof and we can also aid your homeowners in getting their roofs approved through insurance if that is a service you are interested in.


Pricing can vary depending on location, the number of shingles needing to be repaired, and other factors like the steepeness of the roof and how many stories the building is. Our typical starting price is $350, but that can vary up or down depending on the aforementioned. If you are interested in our Salt Lake City Realtor Repair Service, give us a call or click below.

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