Shingle Roof Repair in Salt Lake City ..and surrounding areas

Deciding between a shingle "patch job", a slope repair, or a full roof

replacement  can sometimes be a tough decision. There  are  many

factors that come into play regarding repairability and price.

Here at EZ Roofing we offer shingle patches, slope repairs, and full

roof replacements. The following article will provide you with expert

knowledge so that you can make the right decision for you!



Most roofs can be "patched", but there  are some  variables to the mix

that determines whether they are truly repairable or not. In Salt Lake

City Utah and surrounding areas, many roofs  lack proper  ventilation

and this causes the roofing system to age rapidly,  making the shingle

brittle. Some roofs are too brittle to be properly repaired, and if that is

the case we will not be able to repair your roof in good faith.


If you give us a call, and your roof needs repairs, we will setup an

appointment with you and use our inspection to provide you with

a highly accurate assessment for the cost of repairs. If your roof

is not repairable, we can explain the other options that you may have.

A slope replacement may be one of those options. This is when we 

replace an entire section of your roof in order to avoid the issue of


Slope replacements are not always a viable solution depending on how many valleys your roof has and the amount of damaged shingles. In this case, sometimes roof replacement is your best option. Our roofing experts can provide you an estimate to replace your roof, and if you qualify, we can also guide you through the insurance process to provide you with information to get your roof completely replaced by your insurance with minimal out of pocket expense.

If your roof is in good health, we will store your inspection data to

schedule next year’s check-up. When the next scheduled inspection

comes around, we will have your info and data about your roof saved.

This information allows us to track your roof's condition. Some roofing

contractors charge between $75-$200 depending on your location,

the size of your roof and the type of roofing materials, but at EZ

Roofing all roof inspections are free. To keep the framing of your home in good condition, the exterior of your home needs examined and tracked. Avoid expensive replacement costs by being proactive and addressing minor issues like broken or damaged shingles instead of replacing an entire roof.


At EZ Roofing, we take roof inspections to the next level. We do physical evaluations of all exterior home features, including soffit, fascia, gutters, windows and siding. That’s why we commonly refer to roof inspections as property evaluations. Our team’s property evaluation accurately determines your property’s condition and acts as a guide for keeping your home in top shape.

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