After seeing the devastating affect that Covid-19 had on Utah Foster Care, which caused them to cancel their annual fundraiser that typically raises thousands of dollars, we have recently decided to donate a portion of our proceeds for every roof that we build. With the amount of replenishing that their Wishing Well fund and other donor-supported programs need, we are thrilled to have made this an indefinite part of our companies community driven efforts. Additionally, if you would like to donate there is an easy way to make that donation, any amount will help.

Here are some examples of experiences your donation can make possible in 2021 for Utah children in foster care:

  • $25-$50 can purchase necessary school items needed for distance learning or combined with other donations to purchase

a bike.

  • $100 can sponsor a child who will learn a new skill in music, dance, or sports.

  • $150 can give a teen a self-esteem boost by allowing them to purchase their first prom dress or class ring.

  • $300 can send a child on vacation with their foster family; maybe to see the ocean for the first time! 

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Amazon Smile: Sign up for Amazon Smile and choose UFC as your recipient. UFC will benefit from every purchase you make. Even if you have a Prime account, you can log on through and enter their non-profit identification: