The Waldron Residence

Woods Cross, UT

The Waldron's had multiple missing shingles due to a recent windstorm. Referred to us by a homeowner down the street, they gave us a call and were excited to get the process going after seeing how we helped their neighbor two houses down.

After inspecting the roof, it was found to be missing sixteen shingles. Sixteen shingles is not an enormous amount and can be easily repaired, but not in this instance. This roof  was over 20 years old, making the shingle hard to manipulate, making a sufficient repair hard to accomplish. Not only that, but the shingle on this roof was very faded and most notable, the shingle was no longer being manufactured anymore, it was discontinued. 


Conclusion: The roof must be replaced as it cannot be repair properly and a repair would be violating the local building code.

We provided this information to the Waldron's insurance requesting they adjust their estimate from shingle repair to full roof replacement. In no time at all the roof was fully approved for replacement, and in addition to that the homeowner received multiple upgrades.

Upgrades to this roof:

-Two rows of ice & water on all eaves, in valleys, and sealing in all roof penetrations.

-Synthetic Felt

-Ridge ventilation system

-Premium ridge cap

-Starter Strip on the rakes 

A full roof and the above upgrades only cost this  homeowner their $2,500 deductible, just the Ice & water cost that much alone!